More Usability at the Yalwa Business Directory: Customize Your Navigation Bar!

Do you preferably search for businesses in the "Financial and Legal" industry? Or are you mostly interested in businesses listed in "Computers and Internet"? Yalwa now offers you the opportunity to drag the tabs in the top navigation bar and customize the visible categories to your own preference.

How does it work?

Click on a tab and drag it with the left mouse button to the position of your choice. Your preferred order will remain the same every time you visit the Yalwa business directory.


The navigation bar will always show you 5 category tabs. In order to make the navigation bar more clear and organized, we have introduced a new tab, "more". All invisible categories can be found when you click on the "more" tab. You can also drag these categories into your top navigation bar by clicking on them and dragging them to your preferred position.


The new customized navigation bar allows you to adjust the visible categories to your individual needs and also find businesses now even faster.
We hope that you enjoy this new feature!

Your Yalwa Team

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