How Well Do You Know Your City? Ask a Local on askalo!

askalo Starting a business can be a lot of work, and often it comes with many questions. Do you know where to go to register a business in your city? Do you know which neighborhood is the most lucrative location for your business, or where to print cheap business cards? These are the kind of answers any business owner may be looking for, whether he is new in town or a local.
Oftentimes, the answers to such questions are best given by a local, someone who knows his way around the city and can give an expert opinion on such important issues. But if you are new in town, finding a local (who isn't your competitor) can be yet another challenge.
Here at Yalwa, we have thought about this issue as well and came up with a solution that will help you with all your local questions: askalo, your new local Q&A platform!

askalo stands for "ask a local" - ask a local whenever you need to know which tax consultant is the best in town, where the best location is to place ad banners in town, or where to meet other entrepreneurs after work; Simply ask someone who knows.
askalo offers the platform for these questions and answers. It is our new platform, developed and operated by the Yalwa team. We believe it will be useful to you as a business owner to communicate and interact with others that either have the same questions as you, or even know the answers.

You are welcome to visit askalo and start asking and answering questions in your city. Every interaction will earn you points, which will result in a number of discovery awards, such as the Einstein award (for having extended knowledge in many different categories) or the Columbus award (for discovering new questions and answering them first).
This is a great way to show off your knowledge and present your expert areas to your customers and business partners alike. We hope that you enjoy askalo and wish you much success and fun in asking your questions and helping others with their questions!


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Looking forward to read more of your articles in the future. thumbs up!.


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