New Series: Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

(by Priyank Panthari)

The need for understanding the importance and scope of marketing is central to the functioning of business organisations, irrespective of their size, geographical location or industry type. But in the case of small scale or mid-sized enterprises where risks run high and there is literally no room for mistakes, marketing strategies are of paramount importance. Unfortunately the market intelligence and research usually comes with a hefty 'price tag' and might be well beyond the reach of small businesses and start-ups.

Based on this background, Yalwa will explain the marketing basics in a simplified and lucid manner which would eventually equip you with better knowledge while making important business decisions. Let Yalwa be your 'lighthouse' of marketing knowledge in turbulent high seas of business markets!
Today, with the markets all over the world still recovering from the shock of financial crisis, the business scenario presents us with the interesting mix of opportunities and risks. With a sound understanding of the laws of marketing and business, one can minimise risks and maximize profits, and in the process achieve desired business goals. Marketing knowledge ensures that we understand our products or services better and know our target markets better. It helps us to decide what should be the optimal pricing strategy and which media channels we should employ.
The list of benefits can be endless. In a nutshell, it can be said that with the right marketing knowledge, you can take care of the entire range of your business operations.

So what can you expect in the coming months? We will disseminate the marketing knowledge in a simplified manner and also discuss the best business practices that work for most small businesses. As always, your qualified suggestions and remarks will enrich the discussion, so they are most welcome. This could really be your golden chance to feel the pulse of your business and gain that ever elusive competitive edge over your competitors. So watch this space and stay tuned!

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Thank you, for such a clear and comprehensive post. Since I’ve been reading you, I feel I have begun to understand more about this topic. Please keep writing. I just hope people are listening to you and reading you.

Hi Priyank,

Interesting article. But I think marketing is only ment for big businesses. They have millions to spent for TV commercials and other promotion mediums. I own a backery in a small town. Recently another backery opened and is gaining some of my customers. If it continues like this I might have to close my business. That's why I am really looking for some good advice. Could you help me with that?

Ken Eucken

No matter how hard you try to make your business be popular online there is still a bigger chance that you will fail.

Hello Joesph Flygare! Thank you for your respond. The Marketing tips for Small Businesses are of course no guarantee for success but some guidelines to avoid failng.


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